Level 4 Smooth Drywall Finish

There are five levels of smooth. Level 4 being the most common and typically found in garages, and some newer homes. While it is not as common as other drywall finishes such as orange peel, knockdown and skip trowel.. Level 4 Smooth is now trending and commonly applied to ceilings that undergo popcorn ceiling removal.

Regardless of your desire to apply a level 4 smooth: whether blending a repair or applying on the ceilings or refinishing your entire home — Drywall Repair Family is your specialist in smooth wall.

To get an idea of what a level 4 smooth finish is: image running your hand over the wall and feeling smoothness with rare, very slight, almost non-existent blemishes barely felt. We describe to our clients, that a level 4 is smooth except for blemishes that are barely seen with the naked eye. For all appearances, you have a smooth wall or ceiling. When looking for blemishes you will find them — but they will not stand out or be very noticeable.