Orange Peel Drywall Texture

Orange Peel texture is another common texture found in residential and commercial construction. With an orange peel, you’ll find it in several different consistencies however the three main versions are referred to as: fine orange peel, medium orange peel and heavy orange peel. Some versions of orange peel are more similar to a “splatter” which doesn’t take nearly as much skill.

Fine Orange Peel: a fine orange peel is so fine, that it feels nearly smooth when painted. It’s one of our favorite textures here at Drywall Family Las Vegas and our drywall finishing master’s take pride in their skill.

An orange peel texture should resemble the peel of an orange when sprayed correctly. When you need an orange peel texture expertly applied to your drywall wall or ceiling, contact Drywall Family LV for guaranteed texturing service.